Abrasion resistance SUNKOLL FLOOR HARDNER Special improves the abrasion resistance of concrete by 250%.
Compressive strength At water contents equivalent to those obtained in practical applications, the typical 28 days compressive strength of SUNKOLL FLOOR HARDNER Special cubes is 90 N/mm2.
Hardness (Moh’s Scale) The selected aggregates contained within SUNKOLL FLOOR HARDNER Special have a hardness value of 7 on the Moh’s original scale.


Timing of Application

The timing of application SUNKOLL FLOOR HARDNER Special is important and critical. If applied too early, bleed or excess water will wash away the cementitious content of the products, thereby making them ineffective. Also denser aggregates sink into the concrete. If the application of SUNKOLL FLOOR HARDNER Special is done too late, there will not be sufficient water/moisture to absorb the material into the concrete. Material forcibly applied and trowelled thus, will cause cracks on the surface later, as there is no water/ moisture to hydrate the product.

Application Instruction

While RCC Construction, Hard floor powder to be sprayed on the surface and to start trimix work HARDFLOOR Special is applied for different types of industrial use.

Application Rate(kg/m2) Intended traffic use
7.0 Heavy
5.0 Medium
3.0 Light
  • Packing : SUNKOLL FLOOR HARDNER Special is supplied in sealed 25 kg HDPE bags.